A Course In Miracles: Reality or even Cult? Students Reacts.

The next quote comes from a recent news release announcing:

“A Course In Miracles can be an aftereffect of supra-consciousness, that’s, with Jesus Christ as its true Causation. The acceptance or admission that A Course In Miracles descends from an absolutely unearthly source, although it appears simple, is the single most difficult barrier to enlightenment the immature consciousness faces. No matter how overwhelmingly predominant the evidence, both in approach to origination and in content that that is indeed so, the assertion is finally inevitably an act of faith [Bold added by this post author]. You need to understand that human conceptual consciousness is explicitly formulated in a self-perpetuating structure of believed that denies singularity. Nothing could be much more devastating to the dualistic mind construct, that’s limited perceptual reality, compared to realization that A Course in Miracles is indeed not of this world* but usually Truth speaking to falsity. In other words God-man speaking to man.”

I studied the Course for a number of years and I’ll admit, there’s lots of good stuff in it. But is it Truth with a capital’T ‘? Because the bold portion proclaims, ultimately it can be an act of faith. And therein lies the challenge. Every religion or religious movement will tell its followers that it requires an act of supreme faith in order to “get” what the movement says or teaching. Now for the blasphemy. Everything in the Course–EVERYTHING–has come directly from the human mind. Remember this: Any so-called Truth being presented by among us humans must of necessity filter through our brain and our mind a course in miracles audio free. It will always be colored by our experience and our perspective. It will soon be afflicted with our culture and our beliefs. There’s no way around that. It cannot come to you in pure form.

So, to take something on faith requires stopping rational thought. Sometimes that’s all we have to determine the validity of a training, be it religious, philosophical, or even scientific. Allow Course educate you on everything you want. Just be willing to help keep an open mind. Just like any teaching, take what resonates with you and discard the rest. Keep the mind intact by being its owner. Don’t let outsiders control you. And they’ll try. There isn’t to take that on faith.

The Old Philosopher said, “Those that think they know, know nothing; those who know they know nothing, really know.” And this is the truth.

* Please take all so-called’channeled’material with a grain of salt. Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you’re wise. Merely a reminder. But then, you knew that, right?

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