Abstract Photography – Invest somewhat Inventive Blur for a Digital camera Images

One of many chief rules to taking sharp photos is to really have a steady camera either in the manner that it’s handheld or with the usage of a tripod. This point is drilled into anyone who has ever even casually studied the art of photography. For probably the most part, this is a great practice to follow along with but the real fun starts when you start to bend and alter the guidelines for creative results. You can enter the entire world of abstract photography by introducing motion blur into a graphic by intentionally moving the camera during the exposure.

If you’ve ever admired impressionist or post impressionist paintings and want to pursue the exact same method along with your camera, you’re planning to love this technique. The abstract swirls of color evoke different emotions than a more literal interpretation of the scene. All it will take is some simple techniques, experimentation, and plenty of trial and error.

The important thing is to shoot the picture employing a slow shutter speed and panning the camera only a little during the exposure. How slow you place the shutter speed and how much you move the camera is often a matter of personal preference and the effect you’re after abstract art. Only a little movement will still keep the subject identifiable while more movement will create totally surreal swirls. In the art of abstract photography there are no rules.

The subject you’re photographing will indicate whether moving the camera horizontally or vertically gives the specified results. For example, vertical movement while shooting trees entirely autumn display can yield a delightfully impressionistic image of colors while panning horizontally for photos of things such as sand dune patterns or ocean waves will yield an entirely different effect. The important thing is to possess fun, let your imagination run wild and to shoot plenty of images so you have different effects to choose from.

When you’ve created a graphic that you want, try printing it out using watercolor paper in your inkjet printer to accentuate the “painterly” look of the image. Be warned – this technique could be addicting but you just will dsicover that you have something to increase the entire world of abstract photography.

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