Confidence Medicinal — Miracle And Quantum Phenomena

Everything that individuals can easily see or not is energy. Einstein’s famous energy mass equivalence made way for our current knowledge of energy from classical interpretations to that of a quantum field view. Number of physicists have spent their lifetimes understanding what Existence is all about. Is Existence just a time-space phenomena? Will there be something, significantly more than what meets our eyes and senses. Do our senses, tell the real story of this dynamic Universe?

Truth does look relative, more so when you’re a powerless participator in a fixed amount of reality, which we believe is carved on stone. The reality that individuals see, is really a small frequency band in the cosmic harmonic scale. Our Universe is filled with innumerable amount of realities,. These realities house life from a dense domain that individuals exist to lighter worlds where in fact the rules are different. What seems like a fantasy is actually a truth. Physicists already know just that life does exist in other frequencies and our senses become a filter holding us inside our reality.

Will there be anything that could be called as a Miracle? It is becoming customary to define anything our senses can’t comprehend as a miracle. Herein lies the boundaries or limitations,, we as people have drawn around ourselves. These limitations are etched inside our limited minds and virtually condition our view of such time-space events.

Any action that can’t be physically observed by our senses could be inferred by its effects. It’s stated that the inferential wisdom may be the prime guiding force for us to evolve scientifically. Then the inference is studied and as time rolls by, our collective faith either gets reinforced or diluted, with respect to the social programming that individuals are forced to undergo during those times.

It becomes reinforced, greatly by the clear presence of exceptional personalities living at that time. Through their efforts, it does indeed become observable and not inferred anymore a course in miracles podcast. Like Einstein’s statements in regards to the quantum nature of the world remains being studied and refined, an excellent 110 years after he published his research articles. The point to be noted is every new truth via higher dimension needs a hint over point, in this case, a solid belief initially which later became an observable scientific truth.

Every discovery or hypothesis when proposed initially faces stiff resistance and if time and space permit, they will be accepted as a scientific truth. That is valid till something different comes by. Many a times the demands of time and the investments of social structures determine the viability of the truth.

It’s the exact same with Miracles. The evolutionary scale of people isn’t fixed for all. There are several who are light years ahead of the current evolutionary time-space field. These exceptional people operate at a higher frequency range and hence can produce what we call as miracles. These miracles are absolutely normal for them. Only our understanding and social structures prevent a helpful analysis of what they’ve to offer.

But the cobwebs are becoming cleared slowly and faith healing is slowly becoming mainstream. These miracles become possible by powerful observers who bring seemingly impossible things into this reality. The resonance level they bring to our earth field is raising the overall frequency of all of us.

You will find of-course trouble mongers who act like they’ve some special powers. They’re individuals who have come in the manner folks seeing the miracles as a sophisticated quantum phenomena. So be cautious about the self-proclaimed charlatans of exotic origin. But at once be open from what the faith healing could offer us.

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