Creativity from the Spray Coating Industry — Polyurea Spray Coating for virtually every Space-age foam Challenge.

Polyurea spray coating is really a new development of recent years. This coating provides a plastic-like appearance and feeling when sprayed on any type of foam. The coating is hard yet durable, providing a solid shell to any foam cut project, and protecting it from break damage or weather corrosions.

This coating may be applied to any foam project, including signs, letters, logos,props and crown moldings. The polyurea coating combines high flexibility and durability with high hardness, and iit s a quick drying kind of coating. It may be cured even at suprisingly low temperatures because of its chemical properties, and there’s no need to utilize a catalyst. After being coated, the foam may be sanded to an easy or textured finish, based on the customer’s needs. It can also be painted with any type of paint, including water-base such as latex, or oil-based paint, as well as automotive paint. This coating dries in minutes, providing a difficult chemical and abrasion resistant coating, without any blisters. Considering that the polyurea dries quickly, it requires an efficient mixing and spraying techniques, preferably using a sprayer gun.

You will find other forms of coatings that may be sprayed or brushed on foam, including adhesive glue, aqua resin, epoxy coating, fiberglass, vinyl and polystyrene. However, the polyurea is all about 100 times stronger. Using polyurea won’t just make any foam project breakage resistant; it will also save any company from having to get an expensive coating machine that costs countless amounts of dollars.

This material is non-toxic and is totally safe for use. Almost any foam may be sprayed, including rigid foam and soft polyurethane foam. When spraying it, both an easy and an uneven finish may be applied. Additionally, it has many advantages, many of them include high curing speed (even at low temperatures), water resistance, protection from conditions of humidity, heat, cold and sun, spray coating extreme abrasion resistance, resistance to thermal shock, chemical resistance, little or no odor, good adhesion to the material it’s sprayed on and unlimited application thickness.

Due to the polyurea unique physical and chemical properties, especially being hard and in a position to serve as isolation, there are numerous industries that have recently made a large use for it. Many of them are the concrete industry, flooring, roofing, bedliners, tunnels, pipelines, bridge coating, tank coating and lining, marine, decorative and architectural designs and others. The polyurea is so much more than a coating. It is also a lining and a sealant with endless applications.

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