How could i Monetize My Youtube Channel Without 4000 Hours Watch Time?

Are you aware one video is uploaded on Youtube every second? This is the power Youtube has in the digital world. People are flocking to the digital platforms every single day, but as it pertains to engaging visual content, there’s only 1 name most of us can vouch for; Youtube. It has changed into a media powerhouse within the years.

Not only is it a great platform to understand from, it has now turned out to be among the very best digital marketing tools for businesses. From demonstrating products to creating a community, there’s nothing a right YouTube channel can’t do. To get going on Youtube, people work with their SEO, master algorithms, but comes the main question; how do I earn money while doing what I enjoy or monetize my Youtube channel?

Well, the monetization policy of YouTube has changed over time. It might look complicated, but we are here to walk you through the process. But before we begin, let’s discuss the basic principles; to qualify for monetization, you will need 4000 hours watch time, which doesn’t come easy. The policy started in 2018 and changed the whole game for YouTube content creators. The sole question small accounts think of is; how do I monetize my YouTube channel without 4000 hours watch time.

Well, fret not! We ‘ve got you covered! In this article, we’ve mentioned some hacks to have you started!

The Traditional Way

It’s difficult to monetize your Youtube channel after the latest changes and requirements. With that said, an Adsense account is essential to have you started. Once Youtube reviews your channel, it’s time to start making money. If we look at the breakdown, let’s do the math!

You need 4000 hours of watch time and a lot more than 1000 subscribers.

This means a lot more than 333 hours in per month

This means a lot more than 11 hours a day

Challenging? Well, we ‘ve got easier ways, so just forget about it!

Now that people have been through the original means of carrying it out all, let’s discuss additional ways you will get your channel monetized.

Affiliate Marketing

The easiest to implement from the list and a no-brainer in its true essence, Affiliate marketing is how you can go. In the course of time, you will start promoting products on your channel so why don’t you start now? Let’s walk you through the procedure; you’re wearing a superb little bit of clothing in the video, and the viewers wish to know, what do you do about this? Include an affiliate link in the description of one’s video!

Super Chat

The latest feature of Youtube to replace fan funding is the super chat. Host live streams for your fans, and they may donate a certain sum of money to your channel. In the exchange partnership, you can highlight their comment and give them visibility on your channel.

Build Partnerships

Even though you have small following, you can always promote other brands’stuff and turn into a micro-influencer. Well, this doesn’t you start approaching big brands, but remember, there’s always a company that’s trying to find exposure, cash that!

Now a concern that will arise in your mind may be the power of Facebook ads and Instagram Influencer marketing. But once we said, there’s always a company that requires you and wants to have their product in front of the audience in a video format. Also, because you’re cheaper than those options.


Who not would like to get paid for creating content? In this case, a membership site such as Patreon must certanly be your very best friend. Patreon is getting immense popularly among new content creators. It allows you to create a company and create relationships with your fans. It will not only enable you to build a network for free but may also create recurring revenue.

The platform has enabled new creators to generate an energetic and engaged fan base. If you should be not exploring this program, you’re passing up on a lot.

Sell Merchandise

Have a creatively appealing brand? Or even if you have only got enough following, it’s time for you to dive into the merchandise business. From T-shirts to coffee mugs, you can sell everything by becoming an Amazon Associate member.

Now the question is, how will you meet up with the YouTube requirements for monetization faster? The solution lies in these:

Engaging content SEO

You may have the best ideas on the planet but if your content is negative or engaging enough and if you are unfamiliar with Search Engine Optimization, you will not go far. On one other hand, if you obtain the hang of SEO and create engaging content, you’re off to your channel’s great start. So, master SEO for YouTube and start earning.


The bottom line is, listed below are the guidelines you will need to remember:

Diversify your strategies; don’t rely solely on the monetization program. Build your brand, and then monetize. Work on your content and master the art of SEO. Once you are armed by having an in-depth knowledge of how to generate the winning content, no-one can prevent you from going big.

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