How for you to Get Assignments in Freelance Marketplaces Similar to Elance

Freelance marketplaces may have a small reputation, but many freelance writers and other artists make their living on those sites. I’ve used numerous these sites but have spent nearly all of my time on Elance, where I have completed over 700 projects. I’ve unearthed that on Elance, the “leading marketplace for online talent” there are wonderful clients to be found and many great project opportunities. By knowing several simple tricks of the trade, individuals will be more likely to win projects on sites like Elance.

Have Samples

Have several great samples ready. Most clients who frequent freelancing sites wish to see what they’re getting before they hire a freelancer. Whether it’s a number of your absolute best articles, your most striking graphics or another thing, select a few great samples to give the client once you bid on the project. The client will appreciate seeing your previous work and it can raise your likelihood of winning the project.

Be Specific

Read over the request for proposal and really take into account the ways in which you would help the client reach their goal. Then, once you submit your proposal, be as specific as possible. Freelance Marketplace UK Outline the ways in which you might be able to greatly help the client and let him or her know the steps you would decide to try deliver the project. Include any similar projects that you’ve done so the client knows your experience level, and be specific about your rates.

Know Your Worth

While you don’t want to market yourself short, it’s important your rates are competitive. Many clients are willing to pay for only a little extra than average if they’re sure that the provider will probably deliver excellent work. You’d utilize the steps above to show that, and explain why you’ve requested the pay you have requested. Overall, you wish to keep your rates fairly competitive, but make certain the pay may be worth the task you will be doing.

Go the Extra Mile

Often, when clients see that a freelancer is ready to go the extra mile in order to get things done for them, they will hire that individual. Writing a vibrant proposal, enables you to showcase your unique talents and qualifications. Additionally, by offering a few extra tips about the way the client can increase their sales, or added steps they could use to achieve their goals, you will really set yourself independent of the competition. For example, let’s claim that you’re applying for an editor position and you saw a ton of errors on the About Us page. You could kindly point this out to the client, and accept go through and fix the errors free of charge if you get the job. Just what a bonus! Things such as this show the client that you’re ready to go the extra mile and that you truly care.

Using the tricks and tips above, you will be more likely to get a job on Elance, or one of many other online marketplaces, and really supplement your income or further your business.

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