Quick Own Change for the better — Making Ones own Day by day Battles Inside Miracles.

Songwriter Peter Mayer writes –“Thus, the challenging thing becomes, not to search for miracles, but finding where there isn’t one.”

You may believe that’s an overstatement. Most people think of miracles as things that happened in Biblical times. Because we don’t take the opportunity to check out the world around us. And, for some reason, when given an option we look at life in a negative rather than a favorable light.

Most of us go through challenging times. If we did not, there would not be much point to life. If you grab the moment, the best lessons come out of the largest challenges. My response to hard times would be to always give appreciation for what I’ve got, in which the choice is to complain about what I do not have. But in a very difficult stretch, it becomes more difficult to find things to have gratitude for.

I often end up feeling thankful for these especially hard times. You realize how many things you simply take for granted throughout the times when you need to dig deep for something to be thankful for. Should you sit quietly for a moment and just observe the world around you, it will not take long to understand that nearly everything’s a miracle.

Or, if you are like me and you’ve got a 4 year old, you receive daily reminders of the simple fact that everything’s a miracle. The only real answer I have for a lot of her constant questions lately is”it’s a miracle”

I scraped my knee and she would like to understand how your body heals itself. It’s a miracle. We planted tiny little nasty brown seeds in an egg carton this spring acim lesson 1 How do they grow into the beautiful blossoms pictured on the seed package? It’s a miracle. Miracle. Why does it snow in the spring? Miracle. Another miracle.

Of course there are complex scientific explanations for most of these things. That doesn’t make them any less of a miracle.

With huge numbers of people of the world, how can we meet the love of their life? How do we find a buddy that knows just what to say at just the perfect moment? How are we able to go on following the death of a parent, or worse yet, a child? How can a dog enable a blind person to live as if he had been sighted?

Well, I could go on, but hopefully you get the point. Since most people do not get the purpose. And if you are not”into” self improvement and personal growth, you may never stop long enough to understand the point. Life is so full and so hard and so feverish, that it is frighteningly easy to overlook the fact that miracles are everywhere and in everything.

This is the trick to self improvement without changing anything aside from your perception of the world. Just open your eyes up to the miracles around you.

If somebody asked me how my life was, by way of example, I could react by telling them it was a miserably cold and rainy afternoon, and all my kids were tired of staying up too late, and getting everyone dressed and up to take my kid to college was a real battle.

And I could laugh about how my 2 year old ran around the house in my high heels that morning as I tried to chase him down and get his shoes on him. And I could share how much pleasure my kid had at school stomping in the mud puddles and locating the post-rain worms wriggling on the sidewalk. I could marvel in the rainbow.

It is me. I can’t control my children’ moods. I can not control the weather. However, I really do control how I view the world. And how I tell the story, even if only to myself in my own head. I am able to see life as a struggle or as a miracle.

Why does this matter? The short answer is that part of the goal of self improvement would be to be joyful. Seeing the world for a miracle is critical to your online business success. I’ll share why in my next article.

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